Website Updates

- Published the first version of the Autocar Model U8144T with Ponton Trailer article.

- stil working on the article about the Autocar Model U8144T with Ponton Trailer.
- Also very busy with with the book series. Vol 8. And repairing stuff for Vol 9 and Vol 10.

- Updated and corrected some articles.
- Preparing an article about the Autocar Model U8144T with Ponton Trailer

- Added some extra info to the WW II M26A1 Tank Transporter with German Midget Submarine Seehund.

- Added an update to the Diamond T page. See end of this Page Model 982.

- Small update on the AEC Dorchester age.

- Updated the project 004 page, WW II M26A1 Tank Transporter with German Midget Submarine Seehund.

- Added new info to the AEC 6x6 A.C.V. article.

- Updated the Verlinden database to contain items no 1 to 300 and then some. Eventually I'm planning to add alle items from Verlinden. This to
show the imagination that was behind the Verlinden brand.
- Did some small updates to a few pages of the site.
- Due to a small accident I was not able to do updates for a few weeks. But this is slowly but surely getting ok now.

- Suffered a system crash and yes as so many people before I had no backup, just a partly backup. But I was able to restore all important stuff
and can continue my work on this website. People MAKE A BACKUP af your stuff !!!!!
- Added info to the the Horsa project.
- Continued assisting with the book series. Vol 7 is due to be published.

- Continued updating Database of Verlinden products.
- Added info to German WW II 15cm sFH 18 and Horse Team

- Started updating Database of Verlinden products.

- Added a few walkarounds to the picture galleries.
- Also added a walkaround of an Airborne Jeep
- Still busy assisting with Parts 7 and 8 of the publication below.

- Did some corrections to D7 Caterpillar with the Scraper LS page.
- Also busy with assistance to this book series. Vol 6 just came out. Very interesting stuff for collectors and history buffs. I want to state, that
I don't have any financial gain from this publication.

- Added updates to the D7 Caterpillar with the Scraper LS page.
- Added an update to the Diamond T page. See wrecker part.

- Started another building project, the D7 Caterpillar with the Scraper LS.

- Did a few additions to the AEC 6x6 Armoured Command Vehicle page and the AEC Armored Command Vehicle Dorchester HP page.

-Started an aticle on the AEC 6x6 Armoured Command Vehicle.

- Added an update to the Diamond T page. See at the bottom.
- Started the M4 HST with Long Tom building project.

- Added some details here and there.

- Added some pictures to the GMC ST-6 article.
- Added picture gallery of a restored M26A1 in Overloon.
- Added picture gallery of a restored GMC Engineer Shop Truck.
-Added some interesting pictures to the Weasel article.

- completed the Weasel article.

- I added an article on the M29 and M29C Weasel.

- Updated front page and some minor errors on the pages at hand. Nothing much but still writing new articles.

- Although nothing much happened on the website itself, apart from cleaning up some pages, in the background i was very busy with a new
part concearning H0 scale trains. This seems not to have a lot in common with the initial pages and subjects of the model-maniac site. But
be sure that some of the techniques used in the train section will be very useful for building dioramas. I've been very much delving into the
Arduino boards. It's a very interesting place to be. Very enlightning so to say. Be prepared for some nice subjects to appear on this site. As
always, if you have questions, please contact me. The ideas I've been playing with have to do with, for starters, lighting in shadow boxes, to
give you an idea where i'm going to. Also I'm delving into 3D printing and photogrammetry. Some very interesting stuff to put to use for our
hobby. It even involves drones as you wil discover in future articles. I did obtain a drone flying permit and am now looking what will be right
for me to fly. Wow so much to do and so short on time. Good thing I'm retiring coming May.

- Added some new pictures to a few articles (Horsa and Scammell Pioneer).
- Started the train pages. See the link on the main menu.

- After a few very busy weeks I finally got to write some new articles. These will be uploaded to the site very soon. A few additions were
needed. Also I updated my stash-page.
- I also re-discovered an other old hobby of mine, model railroads. During the cleanout of my attic I found my old stuff and was amazed of
what I collected over the years. This triggered me to add a dedicated part to this website that could interest some of the visitors. Some
aspects are also interesting to military modeling and related subjects. So in the future I try to add knowledge from model railroading to
the site. I added a link in the main menu. This link will become active in the near future. Keep a lookout for these pages if you are interested.

- A belated Happy New Year to all. Hope Covid not has you bogged down too much. Thus far I'm still lucky.... Hope you all keep sefe.
A long time without news on the site, but as I wrote before a lot is still cooking and has to be researched. Also I'm involved in a new
publication that an old friend is writing and I'm assisting in writing. It will be Volume 6 of a series. When it's published I will write more
about this. Till then keep healthy !!

- Unfortunately I was not able to update last month, due to work related and private issues. But be sure a lot of ideas are still
brewing. In the near future new things will be on the site.

- Added some small info to the Diamond T page. This article is becoming more and more complete.

- Added some new info to the Diamond T page concearning the SBG and TSB equipped Diamonds.

- Added info to the project 17 page Horse-drawn gun team. My projects and articles keep on growing and I hope give good info
on the subjects presented.
- Added some info on the Bedford QLR building project.

- I want to be as accurate as possible when I present my stuff online. But still some little f*-ups happen. Tried to correct a few.
- Added some pictures to the Project 5 page - M25 with LVT.
- Added some pictures to project 12b CMP C60L Petrol Tanker.

- Added some info on the Scammell SV/2S Breakdown Tractor. Project 15a and a Walkaround page of a restored vehicle.
- Started a page on how I experienced 3D prining and to what uses it brought me.

- I have an avid interest in 3D printing in regard to our hobby. I'm delving into this technique and wil come with an in-depth
article with my experiences and hints and tips. It describes Tools-Printers-software-results-etc. Be prepared for a rollercoaster!
Although not all is directly visible on the website. I'm always very busy to bring you new ideas and more.

- completed the GMC Engineer Shop Truck article.

- Added another batch of manuals to the database. Now passed the 1000 mark !!!!

- Started a new article on the GMC Engineer Shop Truck. Another version of the allround GMC 2-1/2 - Ton truck.
- Addde some info to the Diamond T page.

- Started adding links from my stash page to the building projects. Linking the model kits directly to the designated project.

- Added some nice pictures of the Seehund minisub to the Project 2 page.

- Added some last info and completed the Jeep with SCR-499 page as far as I could with the information at hand.

- Started filling the Velinden Productions Database with some more Items. A lot of nostalgia for us "older" Modellers.
- Adde a nice Youtube link to the newbee article.

- Small addition to the GMC with ST5 and ST6 bodies article.

- Did some clean-up and slight info update on the Jeep with SCR-499 page.

-Started a new research into the Jeep with the radio set SCR-499 And here is the start of the article.

- Added some british ww2 manuals in the listing.

- Added some interesting info and sources to the Horsa project.

- Did some more cleaning up of the website.

-Did a little update on the GMC with ST5/6 body article.

-Today I started a new article about rebootiing my hobby. It could help "old" modellers as wel as new ones. It's a project inprogress
to get up yo speed and hone my skills for the other projects I have planned.

- During the last week I added some smaller info to allready existing pages. To complete these articles.
- Also some maintenance on the database was needed. So behind the scenes there is still activity.
- New items coming soon.

- Started a new page on the Bedford QLR Radio Truck.
- Did some small additions and corrections.

- Also stil updating and expanding links list of model manufacturers. Take a look on this list if you can't find elsewhere online.

- Started to complete the Sheperd Paine Page.

- Today added even more pictures and info to the Diamond T page.
- Added some info to the one of a kind Jeep page.

- Still adding new pictures to the Diamond T page. This article is still growing and growing......
- Added a small article on a one of a kind Jeep.
- Added new pictures to Scammell Project.
- Addded some more pictures to the Diamond T Machinery Lorry page.

- Seems my English is not that bad ;-) but still needs some brushing here and there. Also very much typos to correct.

- Today I started to fix my writing. My English is not bad but it's far from perfect. That's why I'm reviewing all pages and check my grammar
and spelling so reading my pages is more enjoyable. ;-)

- Added an article on German vehicle lighting. Text from Bruce Culver from an older (40 years ??) publication. I added some pictures. 

- Added some info to the building project 14b open cabbed Diamond T wrecker
- Added new info to the WW II M25 Tank Transporter "Dragon Wagon" with LVT 4 page. 

- Added some very interesting pics to the Diamond T page. This article is still growing.
- Added some info to the Scammell SV/2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor page. Also still growing.

- Did a small update on the menu so it is more logical and compact. 

- Added some extra info to the Diamond T page.
- Added some extra info on the ST-5 and ST-6 bodied variants of the GMC article.

- Did some small additions and corrections to the self-written pages. 

- As I'm a planning kind of guy, I like to plan and do research on these topics before I build a model or diorama. In this light, I add projects regularly.
The latest is the CMP vehicles under project 12, 12a, etc. and some British vehicles. If you have information
and like to share it, pls contact me
through the contact form. All info is welcome. Pls, keep in mind that these are under construction.

- Added some info and pictures to the Scammell SV/2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor page.

- Added some more info and a youtube video link to the Scammell SV/2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor page.

- Added a new project to the list. The Scammell SV/2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor. 

- Made some additions/corrections to the Diamond T page. Still growing.

- Added some interesting information to the AEC Armored Command Vehicle Dorchester HP Version page. 

- Added content to the François Verlinden page.
- Added some small content to other pages. Information is more and more available through my collection. When relevant I add content to the website.

- I came upon a few errors in the TM database. Corrected them. Now all seems to be correct. 

- Started a few pages on model builders that inspired me. Starting with François Verlinden. 

- The Coronavirus has at least one advantage. I have to stay at home and that gives me the space to scan - scan - scan... ;-)
- And I have made some small additions to a few pages. The information is still getting better. I hope you can find some more interesting stuff. 

- Added a few manuals to the database. Nearing 1000! items.
- Did some small additions to some existing pages, making them more complete/correct. 

- Happy New Year! Stay Healthy always in these strange times.
- I'm still very busy scanning hundreds of magazines. No end in sight (yet). But sometimes I see very nice and interesting articles that keep me
off my tasks (lol). 

- In the meantime..... Added some stuff on the stash page. 

- Some time was idle and I used it to add some nice info to the project 11 pages.

- Hi guys, not a lot of updates at the moment. But in the background I'm digitizing my library, scanning like a madman. 
During the years I collected hundreds of magazines and manuals. They are taking up a lot of space and are a vast sourceof info and inspiration.
A lot of the info will be integrated into this website. So bare with me. I will be adding regularly.
The info is starting from the '70s onwards to more
recent so there will be a lot of interesting stuff. It's very fun to read about
the evolution of our hobby. A lot of my modeling heroes came by,
Francois Verlinden, Shep Paine, Tony Greenland, and
lots more. 

- Last night found some room to put some more info on the Diamond T M19 Tank Transporter. Added a pictures page. 

- Unfortunately, also some home chores are waiting and have to be done. So little updating at the moment. But bepatient. More will be coming.
In the meantime a little update on the project 11 page. 

- Started a page with lots of details on the M6 HST. 
- Added some small info on other pages to complete the already available info. 

- Added a few additions here and there in existing pages. for instance on project 14b etc.
- Also added a few manuals to the database. 

- While cleaning up my older analog stash of copies and older material I collected during the years I found some very interesting stuff which I
will put on this site. I started with some additions to building project 2.

- Started research for a new building project the AEC Armored Command Vehicle Dorchester HP Version. 

- Added some more extra info to the Diamond T page.
- Added some more Manuals to the database totaling 909. 
- You now also can find Manuals by Country. 

- Added some pictures to the Diamond T page. Some more information and pictures will be added to further complete thisarticle in the
coming weeks.

- Added some manuals to the database totaling 867 Manuals.
- Added info to project no. 7 page.
- Started writing a new article on the GMC Engineer Shop Truck. 

- Did an update on project 2 M35 Prime Mover. 
- Added a nice update on the ST-6 body article.

- Again added a few TM's to the list now totaling 809 Manuals. Still more, lots more, are coming !!!!!

- Added and started a page with links to museums. 
- Again added a few TM's to the list now totaling 791 Manuals. Still more, lots more, are coming !!!!!

- Added a few TM's to the list now totaling 777 Manuals. More, lots more, are coming !!!!!

- Did some small updates on the project 004 page.
- Added a few TM's to the list now totaling 765 Manuals. More, lots more, are coming !!!!!
- Corrected some typos in a few pages. 

- Added some more extra info on the ST-5 and ST-6 bodied variants of the GMC article.

- Added some extra info on the ST-5 and ST-6 bodied variants of the GMC article.

- Finished the ST-5 and ST-6 bodied variants of the GMC article.

- I started a new article on the ST-5 and ST-6 bodied variants of the GMC. Should be very interesting to vehicle enthusiasts as well
as the
modelers of WW II vehicles. 

- Added about 20 new ww2 walkarounds. See index page. 

- Did an update of the pictures page. You can choose to see the galleries and browse through them. I added a link to the complete
listings of the subjects that are available as Walkarounds. If you are looking for a specific vehicle and it's on the list you can now go
directly to the gallery you are looking for. The list will be complete within a few weeks starting with the vehicles. 

- The damage of the crashed HDD was, luckily, within parameters, got 99 % of my files back.
- Added some info on the project 4 page M35 Prime Mover with 8-inch Howitzer. 

- Unfortunately, I had a problem with my backup and crashing of an HDD. Yes crashing, literally dropped my HDD on a concrete floor. 
The electronics of the drive were broken and now I was able to get an almost identical drive. replaced the broken print with the right one.
HDD was recognized by the system but the partition could not be read. I have to carve the broken drive for the files needed. A lot
yes LOT of work. This is why I was not able to update the site. But I got almost 90 % back till now, so I'm optimistic to get updates to
the site shortly. So pls be patient. News is on the way ;-) !!!!! 

- Fixing typos on some pages. Quite disturbing during reading. ;-) 

- Did some smaller updates and additions to a few pages. 

- Added some info on the Diamond T page. 

- Today started a new article on the numbering and nomenclature of the German Army Vehicles Kfz. Sd.Kfz. Sd.Ah. etc. numbers. 
I came across some lists, but somehow these were not complete or the nomenclature was in some cases incorrect. I try to be as
thorough as I can be. If there are additions or funded corrections to be made. Pls, let me know through the contact page. 

- Added some more info to the Horsa project page

- Did some light updates on project page 2 and project page 19. 

- Added some more manuals totaling 716 now, more to follow. 

- Started tonight with the S-100 project page 19. 
- Started project 17 page. Horse-drawn gun team.

- Did some finetuning on the text from different pages.
- Added manuals to the list. 

- Added more info to the Horsa project page. 

- Added a few updates on the M19 Tank Transporter pages. 

- Added info to the Horsa project page. 

- Added 20 new walkarounds vehicles. 

- Added info on M35 Prime Mover.
- Added info on 240-mm Howitzer M1. 

- Added updates to the Horsa glider page.

- Added start of project 14d page M19 Tank Transporter. 

- Started coupling magazines with articles contents page. Starting with AFV G2 magazines. 
- Searching by title, subjects, country is in development.
- Added M19 Tank Transporter walkaround.

- Added Joe Dope Cartoon page to pictures page. 

- Updated the Horsa glider page. 
- Added more walkarounds. mainly vehicles. Totaling almost 150 galleries now.

- Added a lot of walkarounds. mainly vehicles. Totaling over 100 galleries now. 

- Updated the project 1 page. 
- Added LVT 4 detail pictures gallery to project 5 page. 

- Added manuals to the list totaling 650 now.
- Updating TM 9-2800 1943

- Did some finetuning here and there. Better pics text re-editing etc. 

- Added some info to the Lorry Type Derrick, Diamond T with Bay City Crane.
- Started new article on the Diamond T Machinery M. 

- Added manuals from the year 1953. Topped 601 Manuals in database !!!! Lots more coming. 

- Added TM's from the year 1951. 
- Started a new article on the Lorry Type Derrick, Diamond T with Bay City Crane. 
- Updated and designed Units page. More info on these later. In the future, I will attach literature and links to the Internet.

- I keep finding info and additional pics of Diamond T's. 
- Started a page on WW 2 Unit histories. 

- Updated Project 001 with some pictures of the M6 HST.
- Added magazines to the listings.
- Also another addition to the Diamond T article.
- Added info to project 5. 

- Added a few Walkarounds vehicles and equipment.
- Also an addition to the Diamond T article.

- Again did some small additions and extra info here and there.
- Added some manuals.
- added more info on project 11. 

- Did some corrections, additions, and cleaned up pages. Now they look more clean and crisp.
- Added Diamond T wrecker with closed cab project 14c page.
- For your convenience, I also added a contact form for you to leave comments, remarks, tips, tricks, requests, etc.

- Added a few manuals.
- Added the special Manual search for Airplane Manuals. 
- Updated the Diamond T article. Still getting new pictures and small updates.
- Started adding pictures on the Manual detail pages. One picture per manual to show what's it all about. 

- Did some corrections and additions to Diamond T article.
- Added Diamond T Wrecker open cab project 14b. 

- Added a lot of magazine covers like Army Motors. 

- Added some info on project 11 page. 

- Added project page 14a Diamond T Dump Truck. 
- Added some Walkaround Vehicles. 

- Did some maintenance on the database.
- Updated the projects page.
- Added a few manuals in the database and dropped some doubles. 

- Started to give more detail to building project pages by starting to link to manuals et. 

- Started updating the US vehicles page for TM 9-2800 1943

- Added some info to project 11 page and on few other places.

- Added some more preview pics to the manual detail pages. 

- Added picture of the appropriate subject to the TM detail page. Now every manual gets a preview of the subject. 

- Added some more artillery to the pictures page. A lot more to come.

- Added some pics and info to the project 11 page. 

- Added some artillery on the pictures page.

- Updated the projects page of the M6 HST.
- Finally completed the Canadian Newsreel page. Descriptions of all newsreels and links present.

- Updated the projects page of the M6 HST.

- Updating Canadian Newsreel page. Hope to complete this one tomorrow. 

- After some time being busy with house chores, I found some of my older model kits in the attic. I added
them to my stash page.
- Added picture to the projects page of the M6 HST. 

- Further updated Canadian Newsreel page.

- Updated Canadian Newsreel page. 

- Updated the project 001 page. 

- Again added some new stuff to the stash page.
- Additional info on the Diamond T article.

- Added some walkaround galleries in the pictures section.
- Cleaning your attic gives some surprises. Found more old kits. Added on my stash page. 
- Rearranged my stash page. 

- After a cleanup of my attic I found some new (old) kits. These old Airfix kits are on my stash page now. 

- Completed the Diamond T article. 

- Updated the Diamond T article. 

- Added search page. Technical manuals are now searchable by TM number. 
- Did some cleaning of the TM database. Some were double and some not complete. 

- Again correcting typos and grammar. It's an unending story.......
- Added some text to a few projects.
- Added a new project no. 7.

- didn't have much time this week to fill the website. But today corrected a few typos on some pages. 
- Updated the projects page for the 60 cm Mörser and PzKpfw IV. 

- updated my stash page added some figure sets, a Scammell tank transporter, and an LCM.
- did update the M6 HST project page.
- Added a few Manuals to the database.

- updated the projects page of the M6 HST. 

- Updated the Diamond T page. Additional info added. 
- Still see some minor typos. Wow, you have to look close ;-) 

- Started adding airplanes to the walkarounds. 
- Found some (again?) typos that were corrected. 

- Did some text checking. Got a lot of typos to correct. 
- Also some minor design issues were altered to keep the site constant lookup. 
- Put some more pages with walkarounds online artillery and vehicles. Still much more to do.
- Added next 10 Canadian Army newsreels. 

- got the framework pictures page working with galleries pages - starting on vehicles walkarounds. 

- Started on the pictures page. 

- Did some research and altered the article on the Diamond-T Trucks. 

- Started on a page with articles I wrote some odd years ago for publication in magazines. But I thought it a good idea to place them here.
The first will be
about the Diamond T vehicles used in WW 2. I hope you enjoy it. 
- Project page 15 updated 

- Just found some kits and stuff I added to my stash page.
- Corrected some typos in text parts.

- A lot of things happened last week. That's why I was not able to update much. The latest is my stash page.

- Started with adding a page with interesting videos (Youtube links etc..) 

- Last week I visited Normandy France for the first time. 75 years remembrance of D-Day was just a month ago and I thought it a good idea
to go there. It gave me new ideas for projects. The first one is project 16. I added this one. Also got some very interesting books and
magazines with me from the shop
in the Overlord Museum. I will write a complete account of this in a separate article. 
- Added again a few manuals. 

- Today did a survey of some leftover space in my attic. To my astonishment, I discovered the rest of my stash. The first part of this was added
to the stash page. 

- Projects Page updated with some new ideas. 

- Added some manuals to the list.

- Added some manuals to the list.
- Added information to the building projects. 
- Took all faulty registrations and typos out of the TM database. 

- Started cleaning the database because of double TM numbering with different dates. Search results showed wrong detail pages. 
- Started adding info to the M6 project 15 page.
- WOW it's getting big !!!

- While I was strolling through a magazine I came across an M6 HST. And here is a new Idea. Project 15 added.
- Added a few TM''s.

- Started the articles pages. Very nice things appearing here!

- Made Technical Manual titles searchable via the search page.

- Information on the first project added.
- My stash page is updated. Still some stuff in the attic ;-). 

- Put some Magazine covers in the database.
- Construction of my projects pages started.
- I'm slowly but surely getting the site a complete look. Filling the pages is a project in progress. 

- Started this update page because not always obvious that changes are at hand ;-) Behind the scenes, there is lots of activity.
- Started filling Magazine pages and the first trial of coupling with the contents of these magazines. Lots of Bulk work.
- Filling Technical Manual pages and coupling of downloadable PDFs (Green lights).
- Continued the TM 9-2800 and related pages.
- Started some other less visible search possibilities like subjects and writers.