Here you can find a lot of information direct from the manuals that were issued by the governments of some countries. Most of the manuals listed are

available in PDF format. Because of the limited storage space I can not present them online yet. But in the future they will become available. I'm told that these

publications are all public domain so that should not give any trouble. It took me quite some time to gather these. A lot also are not available elswhere, but are

scans I did myself from the original manuals that an old friend, Piet Vrienten, who sadly passed away made available to me. I also found some airplane manuals.

Should be interesting to the airplane builders. I also see possibilities for dioramas and shadow boxes. In the listings the Manuals are marked

either with a red or green dot. This means that the manual you seek is online and downloadable , or not available online yet .


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