My Stash
During the years that I did not spend with my hobby, I still collected a lot of stuff that I thought I could use for building in the future. Blood creeps ..... and once you've been infected with the green virus it doesn't let you go. Part is found in the documentation I collected and part is found in the collected models. Hence my stash that you can view below. Maybe in the near future some of it will become available for sale. If you are interested please let me know. Everything shown is in random order except for some categories. Some for me more interesting models I have more than one. But only one is shown. Most of these models are in 1/35th scale. And a lot of them have photo-etch sets for detailing. Oh and this page is not ready (yet).

Armored Cars  

Cars, Trucks and Trailers  




Equipment Sets  

Figure Sets  

Miscellaneous Vehicles  

Ships and Submarines


Diorama Sets

Conversion and Detailing Sets


Other Interests