WW II M26A1 Tank Transporter with German Midget Submarine Seehund
I got the idea from a picture i saw somewhere, I don't know where anymore, but this was an idea somewhere in the back of my head that lingered for quite some time. I found a great page that gave me good information on the subject. This page is a great article from Panzerserra on this subject that I follow and try to build. Unfortunately the Trakz conversion kit is not available anymore. But we still have the DES Kit from France of the M26A1. This is the Kit I use for this project.
The Models and Materials needed
There are a few kits that depict the M26A1. I chose the DES kit of this vehicle for this project. And for the Seehund I chose the Bronco model. This project also was on my hitlist for quite some time. For the trailer I scavanged the Tamiya kit of the M26 Tank Transporter. Leaving the tractor for another project.


The M26 and M26A1 were basicaly the same vehicles. apart from the cabin as is apperant in contemporary pictures. Over 600 vehicles of this type were produced. TM 9-767 states:"a. The 40-ton, Tank Transporter Truck-trailer M25 is designed for use in recovering a piece of damaged materiel and transporting it to a place where necessary repairs could be accomplished. The M25 unit consists of the tractor truck (M26) and semitrailer (Ml5), the semitrailer being coupled to the tractor by means of a fifth wheel on the tractor, which automatically locks the trailer to the tractor. Air brakes on the trailer wheels and lighting equipment on the trailer are connected to the tractor air and lighting systems by means of air hose and a jumper cable (carried on the trailer). The trailer air brakes and lights are controlled by the driver of the tractor. The trailer air brakes are automatically set in case the trailer is accidentally, or purposely, disconnected from the tractor."

In post war literature not much is known about the M26A1 tractor. Maybe just because these are very similar and only the cab had to be distinguished when ordering spare parts. The combination of the tractor was known as the M25 Tank Transporter Truck Trailer. The unarmored version was the M25A1.

Where to find information
Publications found
on the M25 also containing info on the M25A1

"Dragon Wagon"

Technical Manual TM 9-1767A - Engine and Engine Accessories for
Tractor Truck M26, Component of 40-Ton Tank Transporter Trailer Truck M25

Tankograd No 6017 - U.S.
WW II M25 Tank Transporter Dragon Wagon. Also info on M26A1.

Ampersand Publishing - Dragon Wagon. Also info on M26A1.

Tankograd in Detail - Dragon Wagon Tank Transporter M25

Squadron Signal Publications No 67025 - M26 Dragon Wagon Walk Around

Article in Tamiya Model Magazine International no. 148 by H.L. Doyle about the M26A1

Article in Vehicules Militaire No, 57 by Didier Andres
On the following links 1 and 2, some pictures of a restored M26A1 can be found. The following link shows some WW II pictures of the M26A1 in action. In my older archive I found the following pictures of an M26A1 still under restauration, but gives some very good shots for detailing the model. Also the Tankograd No 6017 book gives some very good pictures of this vehicle.

Pictures of the M26A1 in action are rare. The following picture was taken somewhere in France during February 1945.
Note that the outer rear wheels of the tractor are removed.

The following picture shows an M26A1 with A new Pershing Tank to be transported to Germany in February 1945.
The picture was taken in Antwerp Belgium.

Another picture of this transport mission, showing the M26A1 tractor.

In the previous pictures the M15 trailer is shown. Below a top view of this trailer.

Although the following picture is not so clear, it shows an M26A1 with an LCM loaded on the trailer.
Probably before the Rhine crossings. Location is unknown.

Below the M26A1 tractor in open and with alle canvas covers in place.

Below a top view of this vehicle without the canvas and below that a side view.

At the end of 1944 the M15A1 trailer was introduced to provide transport for the
Sherman M4A3E1 and Pershing M26 tanks. Below the M15A1 trailer.

Publications found
on the Seehund
U-Boat Type XXVII

Osprey-New Vanguard 055 - Kriegsmarine Uboats 1939-1945 (2) - by Gordon Williamson

Article in FineScale Modeler Vol 35 No 01 - Disguising a Seehund by by Bill Plunk

Midget Submarines of the Second World War by Paul Kemp

Below some pictures of Canadian officers in IJmuiden in the Netherlands during May 1945. They are viewing and inspecting captured Seehund mini-submarines.

Besides the publications mentioned above there are a few websites that give information on the Seehund:

German Uboat
Article on website of Panzerserra (Same project)


Building The Models
The Final Result