My name is Arie. This website looks and feels a bit old-fashioned. It's because I'm an old-fashioned guy ;-). I'm very much interested in scale model building and research of the subjects, mainly vehicles that I like to build. That was till about 30 years ago when I had to put my hobby on hold for a short while (30 years already? .... oh my!) But I kept on collecting scale models and literature of all kinds related to my interests. This way I gathered a wealth of information on a lot of topics of WW II. My interest lies in the WW II era, but my main focus is on the D-Day to Berlin period. This is the reason why you will see mainly U.S., British, Canadian, and German vehicles of this period here. Now I have some more time on my hands I'm able to once again take to my hobby - building scale models. In between, I got also interested in the topic of WW II German submarines. I was lucky enough to get acquainted with a real-life U-Boat captain (The Kaleun Marbach) and the then still living members of his crew. All of them passed away in the past years. From them, I got a lot of stories and more. They served on the U-953 (Type VII) and U-3014 (Type XXI). More about that in the submarine section. I tried to make it interesting enough for those who are interested in the same topics. So I plan to keep this site simple without all the moving parts and bells and whistles, but purely try to give the information you are looking for. I also want to stress that I tried to stay away from copyright issues. But if someone feels I did stand on some toes, please mail me and I will try to come to terms with the questions at hand. Another issue I'm concerned with is, that I don't advertise the war as a fun thing, I rather more want to let people know that the war has to be remembered as that what it was, a terrible period for a lot of people who lost their lives, a period of suffering for a great many people. And it also is a thank you to all the young men who gave their lives and youth to give us our freedom. And furthermore we can see today that the world stil has not learned the lessons of the wars in the past. This said I want to stress that this site is purely for information purposes for scale model builders, enthusiasts, and history fans. If you have additional info please let me know or send the info to me. Please leave your comments and requests in the contact form. In the future, I will also publish articles on builds and planned projects on this site that may interest you also. Feedback and help are always appreciated. We can always learn from each other. This site is not in any way sponsored. This website does not use any cookies and or other software and is safe to use.

Please keep in mind that this site is permanently under construction. I started it in June 2019, but I'm adding content almost on a daily basis. It's an ongoing project. (Last updated 15-03-2022)

At the moment not all links are functional. This is because the site is far from completed and I'm very busy to fill the pages with content.
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