Sheperd Paine and his Models

1946 - 2015

Throughout the 1970s, Sheperd Paine was commissioned by Monogram to build dioramas of new and re-released kits for what turned out to be an ingenious marketing idea, with his work summed up in a brochure that was packaged with the kits. The timing was everything, with production line demand for a completed diorama coming in only one week from the time Shep began. It was truly a remarkable feat for the mind, skill, and speed of Shep to develop what was to become the benchmark for thousands of model builders.

Shep Paine on the cover of the very popular Military Modelling Magazine of October 1981. The complete article with some nice pictures can be found here.

The first time I heard of Shep Paine and saw his work was the leaflet that was added in the box with the B24 Liberator bomber from Monogram. I loved the Pathfinder markings of this plane and the way Shep Paine finished this model. Later I became aware of more of his work i.e. the shadow boxes. And when his famous Diorama books were published I immediately got these for my collection and almost ate them. I very much liked the way he built and finished his models. Some of his work was featured on a page in the 1985 issue of the Tamiya Catalogue seen below. His work with dioramas elevated modelbuilding to an art form. Paintings in 3D.

During the years a lot of leaflets were published by Monogram that were added with the model kits. These leaflets can be found here. He was a master in the things he created and was for me the trigger to start building dioramas. During the years a lot of articles were published as well as a few very good and many sought-after books on Diorama and model building. Sheperd Paine passed away in 2015, leaving a big gap in the scale modeling world. The editorial shown below from the Tamiya Modeling Magazine International Issue 240 (October 2015) says it all.

Thank you Mr. Paine !

Books by Sheperd Paine.

A Tribute to Sheperd Paine from Youtube