AEC Armoured Command Vehicle, 6x6, HP and LP (AEC 0856)

AEC started production of the 6x6 Armoured Command Vehicle, HP and LP (AEC 0856) in 1944. This armoured vehicle was built on the chassis of the AEC O854 and had an armored bonnet body. It was built in two versions, the high power HP version and the low power LP version. These versions were similar on the outside, but differed in the type of radio that was installed inside the vehicle.


9mm (0.35in) max
6 to 8 depending on role
Length 7.949m (26ft 3in);
2.413m (8ft l in); Height 2.69m (8ft 3 in)
18,289kg (18 tons)
AEC Model A198 6-cylinder diesel developing 111.8kW (150bhp) at 1900rpm
48.5km/h (30mph)
not available
4 speed

The Mk I was followed by the Mk II with short bows and a frame on the roof to take a tarpaulin cover over the less critical HQ equipment like tables and chairs. 151 trucks were made.

The larger 6×6 Command Vehicles had space for a Generator Set to run in the truck, and a battery room. It also had room for 6 to 8 staff personnel to work on the wireless sets and the like while on the move. They could also set up a large tent and larger antenna masts for additional connectivity as well as a wired switch board interfaces.

The AEC 6×6 command truck had 4 compartments. The front driver’s compartment which had a pair of control boxes for the driver and officer riding up front. The Next compartment is the staff compartment. It had space for the wireless sets, control boxes, and various work surfaces for maps, paperwork and other tasks. There were 3-4 staff in here. The next compartment is a 2 person enlisted technicians compartment who assisted the staff in the main compartment. The rear compartment was the generator compartment. The batteries and 1-2 generators were operated here so as to provide charging of the batteries when they were low. The enlisted technicians had to manage the batteries and effect repairs to sets as well as other adjustments of the sort needed to keep the Officers in the middle compartment working.

Below a top view of the real vehicle. Location and date unknown but it shows more or less clearly the layout of the roof and placements of the antennas.

The vehicle was equipped with Wireless Set-19's and their HP versions, Reception sets, and some of the larger long range sets like the Wireless Set-53's. There were accessories for the control harnesses allowing interface of wired communications into the mix allowing a radio call to be shunted to a field phone net. Obviously this only works for a station that was stationary and not on the move.

Above and below the Wireless Set No. 19. Below with the protective grill.

Below the Wireless Set No. 53.

Below a scale drawing of the vehicle.

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