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Diamond T Vehicles   A description of all (at least by myself) known Diamond T vehicles of WW 2.   As I write in the article, the Diamond T is one of the more good looking vehicles and one of the most reliable trucks during WW 2. In this article I give a summary of these superb vehicles. A few projects will be based on the Diamond T vehicles. This summary contains U.S. and also British and Canadian vehicles.  


Diamond T with Bay City Crane   More detailed info of this vehicle.   A (short) article on this interesting vehicle.  

Diamond T Machinery "M"   More detailed info of this vehicle.   A (short) article on another interesting vehicle.  

Canadian Army Jeep with plastiglass roof       Little article on a one time conversion/tryout  

Truck 2-1/5-Ton 6x6 GMC with ST-5 and ST-6 bodies   In depth detailed info of these vehicles.   An article on this interesting variant of the iconic GMC Truck.  

The M6 High Speed Tractor in Detail
More detailed info of this vehicle.
An article on this interesting vehicle that shows a lot of details for the model builder.

Truck 1/4-Ton 4x4 (Jeep) with Radio Set SCR-499       Article with lots of details for the enthousiast and model builder. Enough to build this little gem.  

GMC Engineer Shop Truck
Another interesting variant of the allround GMC Truck.

M29 and M29C Weasel       A small but versatile vehicle  

Truck Tractor, Ponton, C.O.E., 5- to 6 Ton, 4x4
An article about this truck with the Ponton Bridging equiment. Coming soon !

AEC 6x6 Armoured Command Vehicle       Prety big nice Armoured Vehicle