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Canadian Army Newsreels

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 1

1.1 Defence Minister Visits Troops. Colonel James Layton Ralston, Lieutenant General Kenneth Stuart, and C.D. Howe arrive by bomber in England and are greeted by High Commissioner Vincent Massey; 2nd Unit parade; Ralston chats with soldiers, sees an artillery course demonstration, visits a hospital; visits the Scotland Forestry Corps; inspects 1st Division 3rd Brigade, West Nova Scotias; 9th Highland Brigade gives a demonstration; 5th Division 85th Cape Breton Highlanders; 4th Division.

1.2 Canadian Signallers Prove Skills at Arms1st Canadian Signal Corps competes with the British 12th Corps at their job skills; competitions in putting up signal poles and riding dispatch on motorcycles over rough terrain.

1.3 When Non-Combatants Fight3rd Division special training exercises for supply, transport, petrol, ammunition, medics and other non-fighting soldiers; they practice a beach landing and climb a cliff.

1.4 Army Hands Over New AirportThe Royal Canadian Air Force gets a new airport from the Royal Canadian Engineers; the airfield under construction; Air Chief Marshal Courtney, Air Marshal Edwards, Chief Engineer Major General Hertzberg, and General A.G.L. McNaughton review the troops; Edwards gives a speech (live sound); the first Mustangs land.

1.5 Here Come the GuardsThe Coldstream Guards welcome the Governor General’s Foot Guards in Aldershot, England; Brigadiers Burns and Phelan at train station; parade out of station.

1.6 Dieppe Heroes HonouredCanadians who fought at Dieppe receive honours at Buckingham Palace; shots of many soldiers leaving the grounds; Major General J.H. Roberts, Brigadier C.C. Mann, Air Commodore A.T. Cole, Captain P.A. Porteous, Colonel C. Merritt, Sergeant Thurman, Private L. R. Thrussell, Private W.C. McKellar, and others.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 2

2.1 Christmas MailChristmas mail is unloaded from ships; Canadian Postal Corps at work on the docks and in the mail rooms; mail is sent to soldiers in the field.

2.2 Drummer Boy Visits Former UnitBilly Buchanan, the drummer boy of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles during the time of the Riel Rebellion, visits his old unit; parade of soldiers.

2.3 Canadian Sappers Strike it RichCanadian army miners look for diamonds, get a British mine back into production for civilians to take over; the everyday life of the miners (mealtime and games).

2.4 O.C.T.U. GraduationBrigadier Marcel Noel inspects the new officers from the Officer Cadet Training Unit and presents certificates.

2.5 Women in UniformCanadian Women’s Army Corps: Major A. Sorbie meets Commander Riley in England; C.W.A.C.s in secretarial duties; a draughtswoman; kitchen duties at their barracks, relaxing.

2.6 Looking Back and ForwardReview of Canadian activities in England and France; the retreat to England; guarding England; artillery; blasting buildings; battle in the Channel; Dieppe cemetery.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 3

3.1 Canadians Keep it CleanThe Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps’ mobile unit mechanized laundry truck in operation.

3.2 Christmas PartyTwo hundred British children visit the 2nd Echelon General Headquarters; soldiers throw parties for them with live entertainment; Santa Claus aka C.M.S. Pert doles out gifts.

3.3 First Hockey5th Division Support Group plays 17th Field Regiment in the first game of the season.

3.4 And Still They ComeCanadian reinforcements on a ship; Newfoundland Gunners; Captain Ross Jung, a Chinese-American doctor with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps; air force; fire-fighters; soldiers on the dock.

3.5 Making Them ToughTraining at C.T.S. on a cliff face; climbing with ropes, etc.

3.6 The Big ParadeThe third anniversary of Canadian forces in England; dignitaries on a podium, tanks roll by.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 4

4.1 Lorne Scots Lay Memorial PlaqueCanadian soldiers visit an old church in Surrey, England and perform a ceremonial presentation to mark their activities.

4.2 Return from the RockGeneral A.G.L. McNaughton greets Major J.G. Tatum and the 2nd Tunnelling Company in England; J.D. Bryce gives a voice-over.

4.3 Casualty Clearing StationA casualty clearing station in operation; receiving wounded from ambulances; X-ray equipment; a nurse and doctor; convalescents enjoy the fresh air on the camp grounds.

4.4 Squadron ShootThe 1st Division Prince Louise Dragoon Guards Reconnaissance Unit in the field; shooting at an old house; armoured cars move in.

4.5 Tank Landing1st Army Tank Brigade train at sea with the navy; landing exercises with Churchill tanks.

4.6 Wet FeetTraining in landing craft, beach landing with the North Nova Scotia Highlanders

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 5

5.1 The King Presents New Years HonoursAwards outside Buckingham Palace: Lord and Lady Mountbatten, Colonel A.H. Jarvis, Major General H.D.G. Crerar, Major General G.R. Turner, Matron-in-Chief Neil, Lance Corporal Chambers, Corporal Leclerc, Brigadier Waite, Nurse Jean S. Taylor, Nurse Elva C.M. Honey, Nurse Edith M. Bregan-Mety, Nurse Ida Henderson, Nurse Doris C. Kent, Major H.O. Moran, Captain E.I. Manning, Lieutenant General Kenneth Stuart, Colonel Fulton, Captain E.D. Magnus, Warrant Major Steel, Colonel Basher, Lieutenant Colonel Campbell, Matron Blausch D. Hermann, Major B. Suvarov, Sergeant Coglan, Sergeant Heir, Trooper Lalonde.

5.2 L’Entente CordialeThe changing of the guard at the 5th Armoured Division; French soldiers train with Canadians.

5.3 Ottawa Mayor Visits TroopsMayor Stanley Lewis visits Ottawa troops in England; nurses from No.5 Casualty Clearing Station pitch a marquee and march; Cameron Highlanders; Governor General’s Foot Guards; Field Survey Company of the Royal Canadian Engineers.

5.4 R.C.R. Win Cross Country TitleCanadian Army Cross Country championships; Lorne Scots, 11th Ontario Tank Regiment, No.1 C.A.C.R.U., Royal Canadian Regiment, Regina Rifles, Fort Garry Horse; running over roads and fences, in the woods; 1st place finish by J.A. Eddy, 2nd by R. Brampton, and 3rd by A.G. Bielki.

5.5 C.W.A.C. Recruits “Pass Out”Major General P.J. Montague is received by Major Alice Sorbie of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps. C.W.A.C.s who enlisted in England graduate and are inspected.

5.6 Army Boxing FinalQueensbury Club London; Bantam fight – Private E. Runyons vs. Trooper L. Slobodian; Featherweight – R. Doherty vs. D. Webb; Lightweight – W. Buxton vs. D. Thibault; Middleweight – R. MacDonald vs. A.L.D. Mabley; Light-Heavyweight – J. Jammall vs. J. Trudeau; Heavyweight – T.R. Halls vs. S. Glover; Major General P.J. Montague presents the awards.

5.7 Royal InspectionKing George of England inspects the 1st Canadian Corps Troops, 7th Anti-Tank, and the 1st Canadian Army Tank Brigade.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 6

6.1 Lady Patricia Ramsay Inspects P.P.C.L.I.Ramsay inspects her regiment, the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

6.2 Pigeon PostCanadian soldiers release British pigeons with messages tied to their legs.

6.3 Bringing in the SheavesCanadian soldiers help with the British harvest.

6.4 Canadians Meet Norwegians in Soccer Play-DownsSecond round of the Inter-Allied Services Soccer Cup on the West Ham football grounds, England; Brigadier General J.C. Stuart presents badges to the Norwegians, Major General Bateman to the Canadians.

6.5 British Mayors Visit Canadian TroopsA group of English mayors tour Canadian training grounds and view armoured cars.

6.6 Little Girls and Big GunsEnglish convent school girls visit Canadian ack-ack battery near London.

6.7 Turn on the HeatMembers of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps learn to fight London fires in bombed-out buildings with the instruction of the London fire fighters.

6.8 Massed Bands Open “Wings for Victory” WeekInauguration of a new war bond campaign in Hyde Park, London; bands march by High Commissioner Vincent Massey and Squadron Leader Leroy on a podium.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 7

7.1 Black Watch Easter ServiceThe Highlanders from Montreal attend an Easter drumhead service for Brigadier K.G. Blackader, the new C.O. in England; a parade; organ and singing outdoors.

7.2 Medical InspectionMajor General H.L.N. Salmon makes one of his last appearances at the inspection of medical units; Brigadier J.A. Linton, Brigadier E.A. McCusker, Lieutenant Colonel G. Kitching, Lieutenant Colonel W.J. Mooth and Salmon inspect the field ambulance, field dressing station and the hygiene section; training session and inspections.

7.3 Army Soccer FinalsMajor General H.L.N. Salmon attends a soccer match between the Seaforth Highlanders from British Columbia and the Engineers in a country field; Salmon awards medals to the winners.

7.4 Baseball Season OpensHarringate Stadium hosts the London International Baseball League opener, attended by U.S. Army General P.B. Rogers; U.S. Army Headquarters vs. the Canadian Military Headquarters; London spectators watch on.

7.5 The King’s FarmCanadian soldiers who are also civilian farmers visit the King’s Farm and look at bulls.

7.6 Tunnellers Receive Gibraltar KeysLieutenant General A.G.L. McNaughton gives watch fobs provided by C.D. Howe to Royal Canadian Engineers Tunnelling Company for their service in Gibraltar; Sergeant G. McChetney, Lieutenant A.O. Ames, and Lieutenant J.B. Kirk receive prizes.

7.7 Khaki Close-UpsOrdnance Clerk Private Charmaine Sansom and her father Lieutenant General E.W. Sansom; C.W.A.C.s tote kit bags. Medals awarded to Private J. Jolé, Private R. Vinyard, Private C. Lafleur, Lieutenant A.A. Masson of Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal and Lance Corporal J. Laraine at royal investiture. Good Friday service for the Royal Winnipeg Rifles on the Regiment’s 60th birthday; Major General R.F.L. Keller and Brigadier T.G. Gibson attend. O.C.T.U. graduation of 1st class of C.W.A.C.s cadet officers; parade; General McNaughton in attendance.

7.8 Men of VimyMajor General P.J. Montague inspects the Canadian Veterans’ Guard (veterans of Vimy); they, along with the Canadian Branch of the British legion and U.S. soldiers, march to Blitz St. Margaret’s beside Westminster Abbey.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 8

8.1 Crash Victims Buried at Brookwood Cemetery Victims of an airplane crash in April 1943, Major General Harry Leonard Noel Salmon and Lieutenant Colonel Francis Jeffrey Finlay, are buried; Lieutenant General A.G.L. McNaughton and others salute the coffins; 21-gun salute.

8.2 Vanier Visits French Canadian Units Major General Georges P. Vanier does a tour of inspections; the Royal 22nd Fighting Vandoos; the 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Engineers with Lieutenant General McNaughton, where he sees a demonstration of bomb disposal and gives an informal address; Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal, veterans of Dieppe.

8.3 Six-Pounder Shoot Anti-Tank battery, Royal Canadian Artillery on ranges with guns; loading and firing.

8.4 High Commissioner Clears a MinefieldThe Right Honourable Malcolm MacDonald, the British High Commissioner to Canada, reviews the Governor General’s Horse Guard, 5th Division; engineers demonstrate minefield clearance; tanks equipped with tank assault bridges go over a ditch; MacDonald clears a mine.

8.5 The Queen Inspects Highland UnitsMay 7, 1943 – Queen Elizabeth visits the Black Watch, the Royal Highland Unit of whom she is Colonel-in-Chief; Lieutenant Colonel H.T. Cantley attends; march and inspection by troops; Toronto Scottish inspection with Lieutenant E.G. Johnson in attendance; the Queen departs.8.6 R.C.A.F. Train BustersSquadron Leader Blake Wood instructs D.M. Bitzy Grant; pilots start Mustang planes, take off and attack German trains; return home.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 9

9.1 Duke of Gloucester Inspects CanadiansThe Duke inspects army units and Dental Corps, #6 Casualty Clearing Station; display by 3rd Army Tank Brigade, and 18th Armoured Car regiment; 4th Division Royal Canadian Army Service Corps; Major General F.F. Worthington inspects an honour guard of the 28th Canadian Armoured Regiment; 11th Infantry Brigade and tanks put on an attack display; inspection of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles.

9.2 Canadian Sappers Train at British SchoolRoyal Engineers and Royal Canadian Engineers at a military engineering school where they learn about mine laying, removal, and how to build prefabricated bridges.

9.3 Casualty Evacuation14th Field Ambulance parade for Brigadier E.A. McCusker and Lieutenant Colonel Matron-in-Chief A.C. Neil; demonstration of a casualty evacuation over a small river; stretchers on a jeep.

9.4 The Pen and the Sword Canadian army clerks train on an assault course and crawl in the mud.

9.5 Khaki Close-Ups War correspondent Ross Munro marries Nurse Helen Marie Stevens. Lorne Scots gather for a parade and a sports day; 3-mile race won by J.W. Collier and R.B. Harley; tug of war; spectators; high jump by C.Q.M. Zipyard and Private V.J. Smith; Private W. Cream jumps. The Queen’s Own Cameron’s dive into a river for fun.

9.6 Ready for the DayThree Rivers and Calgary Tank Regiments train in landing exercises; waterproofing tanks; tanks go into the water; land; waterproofing is blown off; tanks roll into formation and fire.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 10

10.1 Les Canadiens Sont Là!The 27th Company French Canadian Forestry Corps Unit works in a Scottish forest; they cut down trees with saws, axes, heavy equipment; at the mill; lumber yard.

10.2 British Parliamentarians Visit Army Lord Marshwood, Lord Stansgate, Sir Percy Hardy, R.C. Morrison visit Lieutenant General A.G.L. McNaughton at army headquarters; meet outside the building.

10.3 Sappers Rebuild Blitzed ChurchA new church is opened in South Merstham, Surrey; Canadian Corporal Padre George Hedley Wolfendale; the Bishop of Suffolk with dignitaries.

10.4 Precision Drill Royal Canadian Engineers perform a precision drill.

10.5 Tunisian PatrolGoubellat Plain; Sergeant Major Doumet of Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal works with a British Unit; Colonel Austin and the British regiment go on horseback across the field; cavalry charge at farm; German spoils.

10.6 Piping SchoolPipe Major Ross and his students at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland; Ross speaks; Canadians and Scots practice; they march inside the castle with their pipes (live sound)

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 11

11.1 Army Print Shop. Royal Canadian Army Service Corps printers and stationery shop; machines, typeset, proof readers, pressing, paper cutting, printed materials on assembly line.

11.2 New G.O.C. Inspects His Division Major General Guy Simonds, the new General Officer Commanding, inspects 1st Infantry Brigade with Brigadier H.D. Graham; Simonds inspects the Royal Canadian Regiment with Lieutenant Colonel R. Crowe; he inspects the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment with Lieutenant B. A. Sutcliffe; he inspects the 48th Highlanders with Lieutenant I.S. Johnston; march past by the Royal Canadian Regiment; Seaforth’s march by Simonds, Lieutenant Colonel B.M. Hoffmeister and Brigadier C. Vokes; Lieutenant Colonel J.C. Jefferson inspects the Loyal Edmonton Regiment; Simonds inspects the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry with Lieutenant Colonel R.A. Lindsay; he inspects the 3rd Brigade 1st Field Regiment with Lieutenant Colonel J.E. Lane and Brigadier M.H.S. Penhale; he inspects the Carleton and Yorks with Lieutenant Colonel F.D. Tweedie and Brigadier Major F.C. Pangman; Simonds inspects the West Nova Scotias Veterans.

11.3 Field Dressing Station. Demonstration of patient evaluation; in tents, blood transfusions.

11.4 Army Mascots. Canadian Scottish Regiment mascot St. Bernard (Wallace) with pipers; “Corporal Duck” of the Royal Canadian Dragoons plays with dogs; Rex of #2 Tunnelling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers dog; Thunder the dog of the 48th Highlanders runs obstacles; the black goat of the Black Watch; Princess Louise Fusiliers’ puppy plays with a gas canister; Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment’s cigar store Indian (Little Chief Mark Two) on guard.

11.5 St. Jean Baptiste Day. Special mass for No.6 Infantry Reinforcement Unit for St.Jean Baptiste Day; ceremonial march; Sergeant Armand Colant plays baseball; tug of war; Corporal Leo Bourdon and Private Réal Daoust in a boxing match.

11.6 Attack! Tanks and trucks of the Motorized Infantry Battalion, Westminster Regiment rush into woods, fields, and hills.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 12

12.1 Parade of Nations. Allied troops parading in Whitehall on the occasion of United Nations Day.

12.2 Back to Health. Rehabilitation training at Alton Convalescent Hospital, visiting officers watching exercises.

12.3 Third Division Wins R.C.A.S.C. Sports. Royal Canadian Army Service Corps: Various track and field sports and demonstrations of physical training. Major General R.F.L. Keller presents the awards. Major General E.L.M. Burns and Colonel McQueen attend.

12.4 Chief of Staff Arrives in Britain Lieutenant General Kenneth Stuart is met by Major General P.J. Montague and chats with him and other officers.

12.5 Mediterranean Interlude. Men of the R.C.A.F. servicing Boston Bomber in desert, crew being briefed, boarding plane. Several Bostons in the air, a Wellington bomber. Interior shot of crew. Bombs are dropped. Pantellaria, Sicily.

12.6 Canadians Embark for Sicily. Canadian soldiers marching, board transport trucks, embark on troop ship. Canadian Army joins them. Troop ship leaves.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 13

13.1 Sicily July 10, 1943: British, Canadian and American troops land on the beaches of Southwest Sicily; group convoy in the Mediterranean; life aboard the ships; landing on the beaches of Pachino; Sequences on: ships in Mediterranean; unloading of vehicles, tanks, guns, ammunition, and supplies; landing of Canadian reinforcement troops in North Africa – shots of huge base camp, nursing sisters and soldiers swimming in the sea. Pachino airport in Sicily, taken by the Royal Canadian Regiment – shot of Spitfires taking off, Ross Munro and Peter Stursberg of the CBC, Italian prisoners. Canadian soldiers moving inland; Sicilians moving their belongings. Shot of Commander Guy Granville Simonds of the First Canadian Infantry Division, General Montgomery and Lord Mountbatten; the 8th Army advances; U.S. soldiers take over Ragusa and Ispica; Italian General Achille d’Havet of the 206th Coast Division surrenders to General Simonds; the Edmonton Regiment in Modica is visited by Montgomery. Sequence on soldiers taking over Ragusa and other towns; shots of tanks moving in; Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry leading attack at Valguarnera; German prisoners; Railway Station bombed by the RAF; and General Simonds and Montgomery together, planning the next attack, German Propaganda.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 14

14.1 Colonel Ralston Visits Troops. Major General Georges Vanier, Air Marshal Baldwin and Major General P.J. Montague meet Major General J.L. Ralston, the Minister of National Defence, at a London airport; Major General Ralston is greeted by Vincent Massey and Lieutenant General Kenneth Stuart. Major General C.R.S. Steen and Ralston inspect the Lorne Scots; Brigadier H. Sharp and Ralston inspect the 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 1st Regiment, Cape Breton Highlanders, the Irish Regiment of Canada; an informal chat; at 5th Division, a regimental inspection of the 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment; Brigadier R.R.G. Morton and Ralston inspect regiments of the Royal Canadian Artillery; Ralston with the 5th Armoured Brigade inspecting the 2nd, 5th, and 9th armoured regiments, and the Westminster Motor Regiment; Major General F.F. Worthington inspects the 4th Armoured Division and the Algonquin Regiment at work with Ralston ; they see a demonstration by the gunners; Ralston tries on a tank operator suit and inspects a tank.

14.2 Sicily. Canadians capture Assoro and move to Leonforte; trenches; tanks move on, explosions; Canadians move into the ruins of Leonforte; engineers work on damaged equipment; prepare for Agira; night shots of gunfire as gunners attack German positions; hilltop lookout; Sergeant Cameraman Jimmy Campbell films action; machine gunners; troops move into town, hunt down snipers; engineers clean up town, shots of wreckage; moving on past wrecked German and Italian equipment, prisoners; troop movements; Seaforth pipers at Agira.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 15

15.1 Army Sports Day. 1943 Canadian Army Track and Field Championships with General A.G.L. McNaughton in attendance; 100 yard dash; High jump by W.L. St. John; 1 mile run won by R.N. Mavy; J.C. Crashley at the running long jump; 440 yard race; 3 mile run conclusion; Ali Gore at the shot put; 5th Division team from Westminster Regiment versus the 3rd Division Royal Canadian Army Service Corps tug of war; hop-step-jump; 440 yard relay race; McNaughton presents prizes.

15.2 The King Presents Colours to Dieppe Veterans. King George and Queen Elizabeth visit the Royal Regiment of Canada and the South Saskatchewan Regiment along with High Commissioner Vincent Massey; Lieutenant Col. F.L. Nichols and Lieutenant Col. F.A. Cliff meet with them on the Whitley parade grounds for an inspection tour; new colours are presented and the troops march by.

15.3 Play Ball. Baseball game at Empire Stadium, Wembley; a big crowd; Major General P.J. Montague, Lieutenant General J. Devers (U.S. Army), Greeting players is Lord Wigram, representing the British Red Cross for whose benefit the game was held.

15.4 Sicily Snapshots. Canadian North African Hospital in operation; doctors using lab equipment, moving patients into a tent; Reinforcements go over a conditioning course in North Africa; Royal Canadian Engineers use their bulldozers to make roads and drainage ditches; tanks roll over the new roads; Mule train being harnessed, supplies loaded; 1st Division war artist Lieutenant W.A. Ogilvy; Bath time for Canadian soldiers in irrigation ditches.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 16

16.1 Princess Mary Inspects C.W.A.C.s. The Princess Royal visits the Wellington Barracks to inspect the women’s division of the army corps; Major General P.J. Montague meets Princess Mary with Chief Comptroller Jean Knox; the troops parade by Lieutenant General E.W. Sansom, Brigadier A. Roger, Brigadier J.H. McQueen and Brigadier E.G. Weeks.

16.2 Royal Family Visits 5th Division Troops. King George, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret review the 5th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery, and the Irish Regiment of Canada.

16.3 Inspector-General Visits Gunners. Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Units are inspected and parade before Major General Alexander; “crash action” demonstration by the 13th Field Battery, who set up, then take down their guns.

16.4 Sicily Snapshots. Battalion reunion of the Seaforth Highlanders in a Catania Stadium; pipe bands perform; Mule race with riders in silly costumes, betting booths, and a real horse race; General Bernard Montgomery visits soldiers in Sicily before the Italian invasion; General A.G.L. McNaughton informally visits the 1st Division.

16.5 And Now Italy! Plans for Italian attack; light barrage, landing craft move in on Sept.3, 1943.; Messina crossing; 8th Army moves across Calabria Hills; General Montgomery; engineers fix bridge; Carleton and Yorks at captured airport outside Reggio de Calabria; 8th Army on the move.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 17

17.1 Canadians Train for Invasion Day. Allied troops at Scottish and English Invasion training centres practice beach landings.

17.2 Cross-Channel Exercise. Soldiers board train and arrive at an English port for exercises; landing craft and ships move across the English Channel towards the French coast.

17.3 Heavy Ack-Ack. Canadian gunners at heavy ack-ack gunnery (3.7 Anti-Aircraft gun).

17.4 Lord Wavell Inspects Black Watch. Field Marshal Lord Wavell, the Viceroy Designate of India, visits Black Watch of Canada; inspection and march by.

17.5 Italy. New huge tank landing ships at beach landing; War correspondents radio engineers Alex MacDonald and Paul Johnston of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; cutting a record; Getting through enemy demolitions on the roads; 8th Army troops and mule train in the mountains; German wreckage by the roads, moving through villages; happy Italian crowds.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 18

18.1 Fifth Victory Loan Gets Real Send-Off. Posters; troops sign up.

18.2 Training for Trains. Royal Canadian Engineers attend an English railway school; mini railway model; looking at the real trains; working with English counterparts on the trains.

18.3 Back From the Wars Lady Nelson Hospital Ship docks at a British port and wounded allied soldiers disembark or are carried off in stretchers.

18.4 Mediterranean Snapshots. North African men entertain soldiers with music and dancing; Provost Corps makes new road signs for occupied lands; traffic guards; traffic; General Bernard Montgomery gives awards to Canadian soldiers; Major General Guy Simonds, Brigadier H.D. Graham, Brigadier C. Vokes, Lieutenant Colonel Walsh, Major Southern, Lieutenant P.F. Potvin, Major G.A. Welsh, Sergeant W.J. Brooks, Major H.P. Bell-Irving, Lance Sergeant R. Beauregard, Lieutenant Colonel J.C. Jefferson, Corporal D. Mead, Major R.C. Coleman, Corporal Robert Middleton, Captain Tye, Lance Corporal G.E. Patinaude, Captain N.R. Roy, Corporal A.T. Brant, Captain M. Trudeau, Sergeant Major H.P. Charters, Sergeant R.R. McPhee, Lieutenant Rex Carey, Lieutenant N.W. Dixon, Private I.J. Gunther, Lieutenant G.C. Evans, Sergeant John Towell, Lieutenant Harrod, Private Wilford Riley, Lieutenant E.F.C. Murdock; Tanks move to Potenza to help the 5th Army at Salerno; German wreckage; shooting at the town; Italian Field Marshal Pietro Badoglio meets with the news media and Lieutenant General Mason-MacFarlane of the U.S. Army.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 19

19.1 Canada Jumps. Men of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion undergo stiff obstacle course training, practice indoor jumps; prepare for the real thing. Shots of them boarding aircraft and jumping. Various shots of them floating down and landing as others watch. Shots of the new paratroops getting their wings.

19.2 Airport Hand-Over. Royal Canadian Engineers manning heavy machinery as they build an airfield. At the turn-over ceremony, Brigadier Melville and Air Vice Marshal Baker, of the Canadian Army and Royal Air Force respectively, inspect the new airport staff.

19.3 Exercise Pirate. A rehearsal for invasion. Men load tanks onboard landing craft. Sequence on landing craft flotilla at sea, approaching beach; men landing.

19.4 Italian Interlude. Divisional sports meet in Potenza, Italy. 880 yard dash is completed by D.R. Cameron and L.W. Brook; Artillery and Canadian Infantry Brigade in tug-of-war; obstacle race; Peter Stursberg is shown speaking into a microphone. Army vehicles have trouble with deep mud during heavy rains. At a supply dump, men of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps handle cans of gasoline and other supplies. Men are shown eating their rations. Turkey being caught and prepared for Thanksgiving celebration. Song about work in the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps is heard on the soundtrack. Canadian troops of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division advance through the ruined town of Monte Cassino on their way to Motta in October 1943.

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 20

20.1 Over the Top. The 5th Victory Loan surpasses its goal, raising over 3.7 million dollars; various scenes of military operations; personnel in various locations signing up for the loan.

20.2 Personalities in the News. Major General P.J. Montague and other high-ranking military officers meet Colonel J.L. Ralston at an airport; Mr. Frederic Hudd of the Canadian High Commission; Lieutenant General Kenneth Stuart and Major H.F.G. Letson; Major General Letson and Major General J.H. Roberts on an inspection tour; visit the reinforcements at pre-O.C.T.U. Selection Camp; Colonel MacNeil guides them around a training course; the two Major Generals look at electric drills of the No. 1 Canadian Base Ordnance Workshop; Cadet J.A. Hicks receives a military medal for bravery, making him the only Canadian to be twice invested during the war.

20.3 Farewell and Hail! The return of young veterans of Dieppe is chronicled in a unique first-person style narration; 1st Division Veterans in training; scenes from a naval battle at Dieppe; injured soldiers; the prisoners of war return a couple of years later; the Adjutant-General Sir Ronald Adam gives an address from the Queen, followed by the Lord Provost of Edinburgh (live sound); the boat arrives at the port, with a band and people singing “Roll Out the Barrel” at dockside; crowds welcome the soldiers; an interview with a Canadian ex-prisoner of war (live sound); in Liverpool, another ship carrying the seriously-wounded former prisoners arrive at the dock; Vincent Massey greets them; disabled soldiers on the dock; RAF pilots who were shot down in Germany; at the train station, Red Cross workers give the soldiers food; Jim Fleming, C. Hoskin, and Bob Hall; Sergeant Michaud; Armand Gèrard; Norman Scully; Norman Lally; Frank Ouimet; Norman and Glen listen to their friend talk about their experiences.

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