Website Updates

- Again added some new stuff to the stash page.
- Additional info on the Diamond T article.

- Added some walkaround galleries in the pictures section.
- Cleaning your attick gives some surprises. Found more old kits. Added on my stash page.
- Rearranged my stash page.

- After a cleanup of my attick I found some new (old) kits. These old Airfix kits are on my stash page now.

- Completed the Diamond T article.

- Updated the Diamond T article.

- Added search page. Technical manuals are now searchable by TM number.
- Did some cleaning of the TM database. Some were double and and some not complete.

- Again correcting typos and grammar. It's an unending story.......
- Added some tekst to a few projects.
- Added an new project no. 7.

- didn't have much time this week to fill the website. But today corrected a few typo's on some pages.
- Updated the projects page for the 60 cm Mörser and PzKpfw IV.

- updated my stash page added some figure sets, Scammel tank tramsporter and an LCM.
- did update M6 HST project page.
- Added a few Manuals to the database.

- updated the projects page of the M6 HST.

- Updated the Diamond T page. Additional info added.
- Still see some minor typos. Wow you have to look close ;-)

- Started adding airplanes to the walkarounds.
- Found some (again?) typos that were corrected.

- Did some text checking. Got a lot of typos to correct.
- Also some minor design issues altered to keep site constant look up.
- Put some more pages with walkarounds online artillery and vehicles. Still much more to do.
- Added next 10 Canadian Army newsreels.

- got framework pictures page working with galleries pages - starting on vehicles walkarounds.

- Started on the pictures page.

- Did some research and altered the article on the Diamond-T Trucks.

- Started on a page with articles I wrote some odd years ago for publication in magazines. But i thought it a good idea to place them here. The first will be
about the Diamond T vehicles used in WW 2. I hope you enjoy.
- Project page 15 updated

- Just found some kits and stuff i added to my stash page.
- Corrected some typos in text parts.

- A lot of things happened last week. Thats why I was not able to update much. Latest is my stash page.

- Started with adding a page with interesting videos (Youtube links etc..)

- Last week I visited Normandy France for the first time. 75 years remembrance of D-Day was just a month ago and I thought it a good idea to go there. It
gave me new ideas for projects. The first one is project 16. I added this one. Also got some very interesting books and magazines with me from the shop
in the Overlord Museum. I will write a complete account of this in a separate article.
- Added again a few manuals.

- Today did a survey of some leftover space on my attick. To my astonishment I discovered the rest of my stash. First part of this added to the stash page.
- Projects Page updated with some new ideas.

- Added some manuals to the list.

- Added some manuals to the list.
- Added information to the building projects.
- Took all faulty registrations and typos out of TM database.

- Started cleaning database because of double TM numbering with different dates. Search results showed wrong detail pages.
- Started adding info to M6 project 15 page.
- WOW its getting big !!!


- While I was strolling through a magazine I came across an M6 HST. And here is a new Idea. Project 15 added.
- Added a few TM''s.


- Started the articles pages. Very nice things appearing here !


- Made Technical Manual titles searchable via search page.


- Information on first project added.
- My stashpage updated. Still some stuff in the attick ;-).


- Put some Magazine covers in the database
- Construction of my projects pages started
- Im slowly but surely getting the site a complete look. Filling of the pages is a project in progress.


- Started this update page because not always obvious that changes are at hand ;-) Behind the scenes there is lots of activity.
- Started filling Magazine pages and first trial of coupling with contents of these magazines. Lots of Bulk work.
- Filling Technical Manual pages and coupling of downloadable PDF's (Green lights).
- Continued the TM 9-2800 and related pages.
- Started some other less visible search possabillities like subjects and writers.