Manuals by Year 1953

Number   Title   Year   Country        

AU-1   Standard Aircraft Characteristics AU-1 Corsair   1953      

LO 11-1335   Lubrication Order Radar Sets AN/SPN-11X, -11Y, and -11Z   1953      

NO. REP-408   Repaired Equipment Standard for Head and Chest Sets HS-17, HS-19, HS-25 and HS-27   1953      

ORD 1   Introduction and Index   1953      

ORD 9 SNL G-221   List of all Service Parts of Trailer, 2-Ton, 4-Wheel, Director, M13, M14 and M22; Trailer, 2-Tonn, 4-Wheel, Generator, M7 and M18   1953      

TM 11-289   Receiver-Transmitters RT-66-GRC, RT-67-GRC and RT-68-GRC   1953      

TM 11-919   Gasoline Engine Generator Set PU-107/U   1953      

TM 5-1349   Scraper, Road, Towed-Type, Cable-Operated, open Bowl, 12 Cu. Yd., 4 Wheels Woolridge Model OS-122A   1953      

TM 5-3040B   Tractor Crawler Type Diesel-Driven (28,100 to 38,000 Lbs. Drawbar Pull) Standard Caterpillar D-8, 78-inch Gage   1953      

TM 5-5031   Generator Set Electric, Portable, Gasoline-Driven, Skid-Mounted, Liquid-Cooled, 5-Kw, 120 Volts, 2-Wire, Direct Current, Hollingsworth Models CE-51-DC and VE-51-DC/Wk2   1953      

TM 5-5043   Floodlight Unit Portable Gasoline-Driven Trailer-Mounted 2-Wheel Pneumatic Tires, 5Kw   1953      

TM 5-5161   Generator Set Portable, Diesel-Driven, Skid-Mounted, 15-Kw, 120-208- or 240-416-Volt, 3-Phase, 60-Cycle Convertible to 230-400-Volt, 3-Phase, 50-Cycle   1953      

TM 5-8025   Boat, Bridge Erection Gasoline-Powered Aluminum, Twin-Screw, 2-Section 27-Foot (Less Engines)   1953      

TM 5-9047   Trailer, 4-Wheel, SPecil Tandem. 10-Ton, Model 4 D-T, Flat Bed, for Crane-Shovel Attachments, All Makes and Models   1953      

TM 5-9220   Semitrailer Low Bed, Front Loading, 20-Ton, for Dolly, 4-Wheel Tandem Axle, Dual Tired M-1   1953      

TM 9-1985-2   German Explosive Ordnance (Bombs, Fuzes, Rockets, Land Mines, Grenades and Igniters)   1953      

TM 9-1985-3   German Explosive Ordnance (Projectiles and Projectile Fizes)   1953      

TM 9-1985-5   Japanese Explosive Ordnance (Army Ammunition, Navy Ammunition)   1953      

TM 9-1985-6   Italian and French Explosive Ordnance   1953      

TM 9-2800-1   Military Vehicles   1953      

TM 9-331B   155-MM Howitzer M1 and Mount M14 (Mounted on 155-MM Howitzer Motor Carriage M41)   1953      

TM 9-331B   Howitzer M1 and Mount M4 (Mounted on 155-mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M41)   1953      

TM 9-8218   2-Ton, 4-Wheel, Director Trailers, M13, M14, and M22 and 2-Ton, 4-Wheel Generator Trailers M7 and M18   1953