Number   TM   Title   Year        

26-GS Publications-938   Maintenance Manual   Inspection, Maintenance and Care of Army Vehicles (Wheeled)   1943  

57 - Vehicles (A) - 419   Technical Manual   Mechanical Transport - Vehicle Records and Procedure for Accounting and Control of Petrol, Oil and Lubricants,   1942  

Air Ministry A.I. 12   Technical Manual   Translation of Data Concerning German Military Transport Vehicles and Equipment   1940  

S.D. 528D Volume I   Technical Manual   Airborne Forces and Supply by Air - Carriage of Equipment   1944  

TS 166-1 Supp   Maintenance Manual   Bedford 3-Ton 4x4, fitted for Wireless Model QLR   1943  

Z.A. 10671   Technical Manual   Wireless Station A.C.V., L.P., or Lorry 3-Ton Command L.P./19hp/19/A Working Instructions   1943  

Z.A. 18992   Technical Manual   Wireless Sets N0. 22 Airborne Working Instructions   1944  

Z.A. 23530   Technical Manual   Lorry 3-Ton 4x4 Wireless (H.P.) Types E, F and K, 12 H.P. Working Instructions   1944  

Z.A. 25011   Technical Manual   Wireless Stations No. 53 Lorry 3-Ton 4x4 (Command) - Lorry 3-Ton 4x4 (Wireless H.P.) or Ground Station Working Instructions   1944