WW II S-100 Schnellboot Diorama

As with other projects, this is one of these model subjects that always intrigued me. The S-100 Schnellboot with it's sleek design always appealed to me. As did parts of the Wartime German Navy like the U-Boats. With the release of the Revell 1/72nd scale model I was tempted to obtain this model and so I did. The other option was the 1/35th scale from Italeri. Thats a very big one and also very tempting.... But this model was the right scale and maybe I will combine it with the 1/72nd scale Revell U-Boat Type VII in one large diorama. Maybe a meeting at high sea or together in a harbor. Let's see where it brings me as I get along.
The Models and Materials needed

CMK Figure Sets for the S-100

Where to find information

Publications found on the S-100 Schnellboote

German S-Boats by Steve Wiper - Ship Craft Series No. 6

S-Boote - German E-Boats in Action 1939-1945 by Jean-Philippe Dallies-Labourdette - Histoires & Collections

The E-Boat Threat by Bryan Cooper - Pen and Sword Military

German E-Boats by Gordon Williamson - Osprey New Vanguard
No. 59

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Schnellboot Type S-38 and S-100 - Super Drawings in 3D - Kagero 16056 by Carlo Cestra

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Schnellboote by Lawrence Paterson

Osprey Duel 034 - E-Boat vs MTB - The English Channel 1941-45 by Gordon Williamson

German Coastal Forces of World War Two by M.J. Whitley


Some specifications of the S-100 Series Schnellboote:

Maximum speed



100 tons
115 ft x 16½ ft x 6½ ft
3 Daimler Benz diesels of 2,000 bhp each
42 knots
700 miles at 30 knots
2 x 1 21inch torpedoes, 2 x 1 20mm AA guns; later development included 4 x 1 21inch torpedoes
and either 1 x 1 40mm AA and 3 x 1 20mm or 1 x 1 37mm AA and 5 x 1 20mm or 3 x 2 30mm AA

Above two pictures of an S-100 Schnellboot surrendering at the end of the war.

An S-100 at high sea.

A slightly damaged S-100 with leftover traces of a fight at sea,

An S-100 surrendering to Canadian forces in May 1945 Den Helder the Netherlands.

A crude scale drawing with the basic layout of the S-100 Schnellboot.

Building The Models
The Final Result