AEC Armored Command Vehicle Dorchester HP Version

One of the British vehicles that interested me was this Armored Command Vehicle. In one or the other way it attrectes me. Maybe the strange nose ? I don't know. But I know it served with the British and Canadian Army during World War II in Northern Europe from the D-Day landings to the final battles in 1945. So making it a vehicle well within my field of interest. What made it more interesting was, that a 1/35th scale model was released by SKP Model. This model features the big nose model of the Dorchester.


The 4x4 Dorchestar was based on the chassis of the 0853 AEC Matador. The Matador being another project that will be displayed later on this site.
After some research I came acros some original stowage diagrams of the Dorchester HP version of the Command Vehicle. Thes drawings show the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

The Models and Materials needed
One of the paint schemes provided by SKP Model places this vehicle in Northern Europe, Holland during the operations in the autumn of 1944. This vehice belonging to the 1st Polish Armoured Division. More accurately in the south of the Netherlands propably soewhere around Breda.

Where to find information

Publications found on the AEC Dorchester

Article from Classic Military Vehicle No 186, November 2016.

Article from Military Machines International December 2013

Stowage Diagrams Chilwell Catalogue No 60/110






Building The Models


The Final Result