M6 High Speed Tractor with M23 Ammunition Trailer in Tandem

The M6 was discussed and shown in project 1 so no need to repeat myself. but here are some pictures of the M23 trailer.


The page from TM 9-2800 (1953) which lists some detail of this trailer.

Some additional information from The American Arsenal. In this publication data of a lot of american equipment is shown and discribed related to materiel used during 1941-1945.

Below some possible loads for the M23 Ammunition Trailer.

The Models and Materials needed

Because there is only one M6 in 1/35th scale, I use the Ballaton model again. The M23 trailer is not available as a model anymore. There was a kit from P.S.P. models in 1/35th scale wich is no longer available. Therefore I have to build it from scratch. I will produce scale drawings in 1/35th scale here to make it a bit simpler for you to copy this trailer if you like. Below a small scetch I found on the internet.



Where to find information


Building The Models


The Final Result