Mörser Karl and PzKpfw IV Munitionsträger für Karlgerät

The Models and Materials needed

The 60 cm Mörser Karl (Gerät 040) was one of the biggest guns used by the German army during the Second World War. There were bigger guns but this was a so called "Steilfeuergeschütz" which translates into a very big mortar. This big gun together with the purpose built PzKpfw IV "Munitionsträger" the ammunition transporter for the 60 cm Mörser, has for a long time been a subject of my interest. Some odd 35 years ago I started on two vacu-formed models, but that ended in a disaster as i dropped the half ready models on the floor. (End of that) But a few years ago the above models were issued and I could not resist .... For some reference here are a few pictures. The rest can be obtained via the publications I have listed below in which a lot of very usefull information is gathered. The model kits are from Dragon and Trumpeter. Both in 1/35th scale. One of the original 60 cm Mörsers, I don't know if others exist anymore, is preserved in the Kubinka Museum.



Above PzKpfw IV besides a 60 cm Mörser. Nice detail are the markings on the back of these vehicles, showing they
belong to the same outfit. the number 3 with a graphic of the 60 cm shells.

Where to find information

Publications found
on the 60 cm Mörser and the PzKpfw IV Munitionsschlepper

Waffen Revue No. 3 (1971)
Some good pictures and other material

Waffen Revue No. 21 (1976)

Part 1 of an in depth article on this Beast

Waffen Revue No. 22 (1976)
Part 2

Waffen Revue No. 23 (1976)
Part 3

Die Schwersten Steilfeuer-Geschütze 1914-1945 - Gerhard Taube - Motorbuch Verlag (1981)

Bertha's Big Brother Karl-Gerät - Thomas L. Jentz - Panzer Tracts

Gepanzerte Nachschub Fahrzeuge - Thomas L. Jentz and Hilary Louis Doyle - Panzer Tracts No. 17

Das Waffen-Arsenal - 043 - Deutsche Schwere Morser - Joachim Engelmann

Military vehicles 087 - Heavy mortar Karl - Writer unknown


Building The Models


The Final Result