Diamond T Machinery "M"

This vehicle was officially known as the Lorry, 4-Ton, 6-Wheel, Machinery. Otherwise known by the name Machinery Lorry Type QMG-MT. This vehicle is used to provide general mechanical maintenance of transport vehicles. It is fitted with workshop and Electrical equipment, also mechanics tools. It is selfcontained, providing its own supply of lighting and power energy for driving the various machines with which it is equipped. Standard it was also equipped with a trailer known as the Trailer, 4-Wheel, Machinery, Grind and Brake, In accordance with the towing vehicle also designated QMG-MT Trailer. It's primary role was as to be used by RCEME and by RCASC workshops for mechanical repairs of automotive (all sorts of vehicles and related equipment) components and parts thereof including battery charging and paint spraying. The trailer was used for turning and grinding brakedrums, grinding brake linings and grinding cylinder heads.

Below the complete combination of the Diamond T Truck with the traler is clearly visible as is the layout and equipment that was stored and used on the trailer.


- WM-3766 from December 1942